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hours things are being readied for the grand prix labor day weekend but today is tuesday july 26th of the good morning i am charley crowson. >> i am megan pringle. it's looking like a reality with the grand prix construction. >> you have to have the track, though. so they will work on it. they started working last night and we will have a live report in a bit. weather wise, you have to know how it's going to be. >> here's meteorologist justin berk. >> the temperatures have been well above normal and we will get a little break with near normal temperatures for a couple days. 73 this morning. it may not feel like it yet but we dropped humidity a pinch. some wake up with patchy fog and others with full sunshine. the dew point is the true measure moisture and with the oppressive weather, the measure men have been in the upper 70s to near will 0 -- 80. a 71 mark and better even the 60s back to the northwest nice improvement with the
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northwesterly flow. we are basically clear this morning despite a little bit of fog especially in the northeast corner of the state. and some other areas. giving way to a mostly sunny sky. this afternoon is hot at 91. noticeably less humid. more on the slight improvement in a moment. now here's tonya with traffic. >> reporter: harford road isblocked in both directions. we have trees down in the roadway. so you can use bel air instead. let's look out there and see how traffic is moving along on the outer loop. no problems to report here. traffic is building in both directions. we have an incident with debris on the road, 50 eastbound at solomon's island road, that's on the ramp. 70 westbound at security boulevard debris in the road there. no lane information. 95 northbound at the fort mchenry tunnel and earlier disabled vehicle and an accident northbound at the fort mchenry tunnel left tube. back to you. >> thanks. it's story before. the fight to get a man with stage 4 cancer out of prison. the emergency hearing is scheduled for today for the baltimore county man convicted on tax charges and linda so is
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live with that family of henry cole and what they are hoping will happen. >> reporter: well, they are hoping to get him out of the rest of his prison sentence. he has been at home treated for pancreatic cancer but his family is pleading pleading for a compassionate release. he has 20 months of the sentence on tax evasion charges. in january e. asked to be released on -- he asked to be released on compassion but they denied his request. he has to go back to prison but his family is vowing to fight with an appeal and are hoping to be heard today at len:30 this morning -- 11:30 this morning. joce sterman who has been following the story from the beginning, will bring you details later as far as the outcome. linda so, abc2 news. >> thanks a lot. 6:32. new for you, a bail hearing expected to be held in the case of a presidential historian accused of stealing historic documents. the 63-year-old and his
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assistant both of new york were arrested earlier this month. authorities say the two took documents from the maryland historical society and investigators found 60 historical documents inside locker he was using at the library including paper signed by president lincoln. that's not a scene from the hollywood movie a red car flew count street in stockton with man hanging out the passenger side. police found the vehicle a mile away and believe it or not, it appears to be a misunderstanding about a possible stolen purse. neither the driver or the man hanging on the car wanted to explain. no one was arrested. and a scare for a 70-year- old grandmother in new hampshire. she was awakened by an intruder early sunday morning not only did he make himself something to eat in her kitchen, but he was naked in her home.
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he broke in through a kitchen window and the woman who identified herself as bonnie saw hem and she took matters into -- him and took matters into his hands. >> i said oh no you didn't and that's when i grabbed the bat. and it didn't impress him i would use it. he figured i was showing it. so i hit him with it, and beat him out the door. >> you are standing there naked and she has a baseball bat. take her at her word. nothing was taken and police saythey are trying to figure out why he broke in in the first place. this morning the faa is trying to determine what caused an engine and landing gear on a plane to catch on fire. look at this. the american airlines jet made an emergency landing in dallas shortly after take off. the plane landed safely after dumping the fuel in midair. the 777 was bound for brazil before making a u-turn back to dallas-fort worth international airport. the way you eat what you buy, way you travel, it could
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be changing because lawmakers can't seem to compromise. sherrie johnson is here breaking down the debt showdown not showing signs of letting up this morning. sherrie. >> reporter: well, here's what is at stake for maryland. if the ceiling is not raised by august 2nd, maryland could be stripped of the many payments and lose money. here's what happens if we default. it could mean big trouble for anyone who needs a car, needs a home or student loan uses a credit card and has a retirement savings account or wants to go overseas. some homeowners could expect an increase in mortgage rates and this is a big concern that lawmakers have including president obama. >> interest rates would sky rocket on credit cards on mortgages, and on car loans. which amounts to a huge tax hike on the american people. >> the sad truth is the president wanted a blank check six months ago and he wants a blank check today. this is just not going to happen. >> economists say banks could
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stop lending to each other and to you. they want to keep the assets rather than risk it by lending. congress has one week to get things done. sherrie johnson abc2 news. >> thanks. changes may be coming to the post office. a news conference this morning that may leave you driving further to get your mail. >> some office are on the chopping block. we will tell you what you need to know. some electric cars are getting two thumbs up. what models are hairchgd the highest coming -- ranked the highest. but as we go to break a. live look -- break, a live look at new york.
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this morning the postal service is expected to announce cuts. it's just about three hours away and most master general expected to hold a news conference according to the
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wall street journal, some 3600 post offices mostly in smaller communities are targeted for closure by the end of the year. new nissan leaf not just environmentally friendly but it's safe according to the national highway traffic safety administration. the plug in car earned a top five star rating under the government's new tougher crash test rating system. and it's not the only electric car that is earning stellar safety scores. general motor the volt and hybrid recently got the 5 star rating, too. if you are looking for another environmentally friendly ride, we have the thing. look at this. you will have to have long legs. check it out. a welder in iowa built this and hope it will be the largest bicycle. 32 feet long, 18 feet high and ripley's believe it or not wants to buy the bicycle. i can't imagine there's a bigger one. >> probably not. probably not. the question for building it is why? >> why not? >> now we put the pedal to the
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metal. >> another kind of ride we will talk about. this one is faster. >> reporter: it's going to be a lot slower as far as the morning commute. i am linda so, could be struck for the grand -- done -- construction for the grand prix is well underway. what it means when you drive through the city. >> reporter: will your favorite ravens players take the field? coming up, more on cuts made to the roster. 6:41. another warm morning. temperatures in the lower 70s but we drop humidity and keep the heat and get a break before the real stuff returns. we will talk about that coming. >> reporter: road closures, accidents and debris in the road. i will tell you all about it when "good morning maryland" continues. ♪
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>> i want to share all of you that shared your storm reports. we escaped with minimum damage and got beneficial rain in parts. some places in howard county got up to 2 1/2 inches of rainfall. this morning, leftover moisture make it hazy and 75 at the u.s. naval academy. the sun is coming, but look at wind direction. that's swinging to the northwest and help dry us out. now towards carroll county. it's the northwesterly flow at manchester. the sun coming over the hill and they are out of the 60s where they were. just 70 degrees. temperatures a little better on the ifsly 73 in bolt -- officially 73 in baltimore. we have by the way, 45 -- by the way, international falls at 45. all wrapping around this area of low pressure responsible for some tornado video we showed you out of michigan yesterday. that is the second push of the frontal boundary. one came through yesterday with the storms and no one is arguing that one. behind this one, it drops the
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humidity even more so. but we are slightly lower with that humidity today and that's important. storm line well to the south. mostly sunny skies. but the next round of clouds will come with that final push of the front. that will be late in the afternoon or evening. there could be a brief shower especially north and west as our time stamp on the computer model shows us 8:30 this evening. behind that, the humidity drop. most of lust actually drop into the 60 -- most of us will actually drop in the 60s. thursday and friday we build things back up. today, 91. it will be hot but we drop humidity and it will be a little more comfortable under mostly sunny skies. with the late clouds during the evening and a brief shower possible, but not a guarantee. clearing out patchy fog back to 67 overnight. form, the best day of the week and i am going 89, lows mid to low 60s but back to 95 thursday and 98 on friday. and scattered mainly afternoon
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storms as we stay in the 90s and sticky over the weekend. tonya. >> reporter: i will start out with the good news. harford road reopened in both directions at glen arm road. the trees have been cleared out of the road. that's good news there. let's look at the beltway on the southwest side. 695 at wilkins avenue getting a little volume on the outer loop to the left of the screen. on and off, slowdowns between 70 and edmonton. delays 50 eastbound at solomon island road due to debris on the ramp. delays will start at 97. 70 west at security boulevard debris is gone but 95 northbound at the fort mchenry tunnel, an accident and a disabled vehicle affecting the left tube. megan. >> thanks. the good news is football is back and you are excited about that. the bad news is some of your favorite players won't be. we know that the lockout is over. the ravens organization now says that they have to make painful cuts. sherrie johnson is here with more. >> reporter: well, while fans are excited football is back, they are not happy some of the
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favorite players will be cut. training camp opens this morning at 10 for players under contract runningback willis mcgahee hear hooks todd heap, kelly gregg and derrick mason will all be released. they wouldn't officially be cut until thursday afternoon. but they could stay on for a lower salary. we have also learned according to ravens, mason was watching his son's first youth football practice yesterday when he found out the team cut him. executive vice president and general manager ozzie newsom called and told him the news and he had this to say with regards to the roster moves. we will be making a number of roster move in the next 48 hours that will free up salary cap space. yesterday, the nfl owners and players agreed on a 10-year deal that end the league's lockout resolving the fight how the 9billion dollars in revenue is shared. clubs will start signing drafted rookies and opening facilities and camps. >> having a 107b year agreement
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is -- 10-year agreement is great for the game but most importantly the fans. and i think the agreement will make our game better. >> reporter: now some of the cuts have ravens fans a little angry. here's what some folks on the facebook fan page have to say. so first of all, lisa says, mcgahee she mason heap and gregg come on. this is not okay. not okay. yeah, thanks we have got a great football and now but major players won't be there. big mistake. marlow says there goes the team. todd heap will not be the same without shouting heap. i am going on strike now. so some folks are not very excited about the announcementof some of the cuts. we want to know what you say. continue to sound off on the facebook fan page. rotting live, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >> -- reporting live, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. this story is so disturbing. last tuesday, 34-year-old daunte william was in a suv along i95 with his girlfriend
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and 14-month-old son. police say during an argument, william hit his girlfriend in the eye. that's when she unhooked the seat belt and opened the door and asked him to pull over. police then say williams pushed her out of the car while going 60 miles an hour. the woman suffered serious injuries as a result of that push. this morning, authorities are trying to determine if the so-called east coast rapist will be responsible for another assault here in maryland a spokesperson for the green belt police department says they are waiting for more test confirming aaron thomas to be linked to a 1999 rape. authorities have tied hip to rapes in other attacks of -- him to rapes in other attacks from virginia to connecticut. we are working to track crime in your neighborhood. go to to find the crime checker segment in the middle of the home page. click on it for the late nest crime results. a group of atheist filed a lawsuit to stop the display of the world trade center cross at the memorial of the september
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11th terror attacks. the cross is made up of two intersecting steel beams that held up when the twin towers collapsed. it names defendants including the state of new jersey and the city of new york. time for five things to know before heading out the door. a funeral for the late amy winehouse will be held later today. the 27-year-old was found dead in her home this past saturday. a post mortem examination was conduct but the results are- inconclusive. the atf's fast and furious program focus on people who bought guns legally and trance termed to criminals. -- transferred to criminals in the program they allowed them to switch hans and allowed for them to resurface. agents are frustrated by not being able to get the gun trace information. a poll released by am bc news and washington post -- abc news and washington post 8 a% of americans call jobs -- 80%
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of americans call jobs difficult to find in their area the high was 84% in 2009. the leading challenger for the mayor post and he will release his plan to reduce property tax. he will unveil the plan today. the return to the space shuttenel atlantis sent some jobs away. they are hosting a job fair to help nearly 8,000 soon to be unemployed staff members land new jobs. 45 employers from around the country are expected to attend. happening today, you will notice low flying planes and if you are driving along the bw parkway. nasa will be conducting another air quality test. this is the 11th flight taking place between 7 this morning and 3 this afternoon. the campaign will continue through the end of the month. all right. also happening today, in an effort to boost the chesapeake bay oyster population, starting at 11, thousands of young oysters will be placed in a new home crated for them in the
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patuxent river. hope is it will become a breeding ground for wild oysters as well. all right, so you think your dog is smart? how smart is your dog? according to a study they find that canines have the developmental abilities as a 2- year-old. researchers at the university of florida say the average dog is capable of learning the meanings of about 165 different words. so we asked you about this on the facebook fan page and we are posting the story and asking for comments and we heard from a couple of you saying absolutely my dog is as smart as a 2-year-old one person saying their dog can detect seizures. new a special tribute on the way for brooks robinson. construction started on a bronze statue depicting him throwing a runner out. it's on the plaza between washington boulevard and russell street across from the northwest side of camden yards. both the risers and pedestal features the text of brooks robinson and his career. it will be unveiled weighing 1500 pounds of pure bronze
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coming october 22nd. the face of baltimore is changing and until lab day every day you will see -- labor day every day you will see new walls going up. linda so is tracking the baltimore grand prix project and what it could mean for you and the morning commute. >> reporter: if you are on your way to work and have to drive through this area, this is what it means. probably slower traffic. at this time of morning, people are coming off 95 conway right there where it meets light street. and the first thing they will see is detour signs and all of this construction going on for the grand pre. this is -- grand prix. this is one of 16 grandstands built around the two mile racetrack. construction on it began last night. and while all of this work goes on, you should expect traffic delays through the main drag of the city. workers put down about 9300 pounds of concrete in the inner harbor last night. it's the beginning of the wall that will protect people from the indy style cars zipping at 200 miles an hour around the racetrack. the bulk of the work will be done overnight on the walls
6:55 am
between 7 p.m. and 6 a.m. but if you drive through the city, you will notice some lanes being narrowed. so expect those delays and watch out for those narrow lanes while the wall goes up. and closer to labor day, that's when the grand prix will take place. several roads will be closed downtown. you can expect i395 to be shut down periodically. all in preparation for the grand prix race happening on labor day weekend. live in downtown baltimore, linda so, abc to news -- abc2 news. we have maps, schedules and road closures. go to abc 2 and click on the traffic section for all you need to know with to get the construction underway for thebaltimore grand prix. >> i wanted to ask because you have a dog and almost 2-year- old. he is on his way. what do you think? >> which one is smarter? >> yeah. >> the new study do you think it's right the dog is smart enough? >> the dog is smart many he started working on my taxes this year. >> there you go.
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>> i believe it. >> you believe it? >> i believe dogs are smart. >> and you say roxy is a genius. >> yes. >> can your dog do the weather? >> no thumbs to t the clicker. >> but he can do taxes. >> i will keep my job today. one more time to the extended forecast showing a little break. today's 91, hot, but it will come with a drop in hugh miity. late clouds will come -- humidity. late clouds coming in. tomorrow 89. i am optimistic that we have one, 80 degree day in us this week. back to 95 on thursday and we ramp up the friday. a sign of the real force and surge of the heat and humidity coming back. 98 friday. late day storms and isolated showers over the weekend mainly in the afternoon but sticky. >> reporter: one road closure in dundalk north point boulevard closed at rose bank a tractor trailer accident ran into parked cars. we will have updates throughout the morning. find us on >> time to a go to new york for
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